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Evoking the great age of 19th century piano fanatics, the performers have their hearts set on transcribing into this recital their passion for their spiritual predecessors.

             Discover the details of the Virtuoso  program, created by the Duo Lafitte, getting into contact

Opera Dreams

The Magic Flute, Carmen, Don Giovanni, The Barber of Seville, Porgy and Bess! Recognising a well-loved melody, a familiar air, the audience’s attention will be captured by this vivid capturing of emotion.

             Discover the Opera dreams program details, created by the Duo Lafitte, getting into contact

Fancy Music

Treading nimbly or firmly by turns, a dazzling journey to the land of musical wonders.

             Discover the details of the Fancy Music program, created by the Duo Lafitte, getting into contact


Vertigo is a recital dedicated to the unsettling alchemy between music and film. 

A  homage to director Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, whose virtuoso screenplay weaves its tortured spirals of enchantment and metamorphosis. 

             Discover the details of the Vertigo  program, created by the Duo Lafitte, getting into contact

Tribute to Russia

"Ideas do not belong to one man, but to his time", observed the aviation pioneer Ferdinand Ferber. In the very same period, his contemporaries Debussy, Ravel, Glazunov and Rimsky-Korsakov were applying that maxim of universality, but in music. The programme drawn up by Duo Lafitte brings to the fore the crosscurrents of musical influence between Russia and France.

             Discover the Tribute to Russia program details, created by the Duo Lafitte, getting into contact

Music & Power

Whether gained by force or charm, power is – like all music – energy in movement. A splendid musical panoply, created by two pianists facing off on their instruments in a brilliant delineation of the notes of power.

             Discover the Music & Power program details, created by the Duo Lafitte, getting into contact

An opened to the world francophonie

Between influences and loans, the French music of the 19th and of the 20th century grew rich of new colors. At the same time receiving of the foreign cultural flows and broadcasting of these civilizations with which it will have become soaked, the modern school opened to us on another listening, another look up to the world. 

             Discover the An opened to the world francophonie program details, created by the Duo Lafitte, getting into contact

"Magic Mozart"

     Two pianos Transcriptions

"Why on earth should a composer of the calibre of Mozart transcribe music by others? No, the underlying factor here is the desire to appropriate. Or rather, to desire and to appropriate. Which is to say, to love and to possess. "

Jacques Drillon

             Discover the "Magic Mozart" program details, created par le Duo Lafitte, getting into contact

The Mozart medail craved by Rose-May Lafitte

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